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Let's Preface...

Our private tasting/consult fee is $65.  Tasting boxes are $45.  Complimentary private tastings/consultations & tasting boxes have a minimum of $700+ order requirement for those booked with PASC.  Our schedule is extremely busy & we are not able to guarantee specific days/times for meetings/tastings.
 We do have a maximum 4 guest limit for all tastings.

Private tastings & consultations are $65 & based on availability & do require a phone meeting prior to scheduling!

At PASC we unfortunately do not have the availability to meet with every person who requests to taste our cake.   Due to high demand our calendar is extremely full and our booked couples come first when it comes to our time & energy.  We are very dedicated to everyone we work with and are looking for trusting & respectful relationships working as a team with an investment in us to help make one of the most important days of your life amazing!

Tastings with PASC are not designed as an interview process by potential Clients.  They are for sampling flavors, designing cake details, and to determine what is expected the day of your event for us to make it seamless.

Tasting Box Pickup or FREE local Delivery?  Might be the best option for you!

Tasting boxes are a great option for couples who already have their cake/desserts design/tables figured out.  Tasting boxes are $45 and include a variety of popular cake slices available.  These flavors change frequently and are chosen by PAS.

To get started planning out your beautiful and delicious wedding cake or dessert table please fill out our quote request today!

What To Expect...

We want to know everything about your love story & all the expectations you have for your event day!  We are completely invested in you and to making absolutely certain we provide the level of perfection you deserve and expect.

 At your tasting we will have approximately 1 hour together.  In this time we will get to know each other first.  We will then discuss your tasting options.  We will discuss your colors, flowers, cake structure options and much more while you dig in!
  Remember, don't be shy!

The cake samples provided will consist of popular flavor & filling combinations picked out by PASC.  You will be able to sample our signature light & delicious buttercream.   You certainly do not have to pick any of the flavors provided for your cake!  Samples are only meant to give you examples of our moist, flavorful cakes & filling options.

If you are interested in a dessert table please let us know as extra fees apply!

Please bring with you any color samples, your cake topper, flower choices, photo inspirations, etc. to share with us!  These items will be pivotal in nailing down your exact design.   It is a good idea to sit down and talk with each other before arriving
at your tasting to make sure you two are on the same page with important details such as budget, guest count and if you are saving your top tier for your first anniversary.  We will discuss options if your unsure as to
size, structure, cupcake & macaron displays, tiers vrs. layers, etc.  Don't stress I will answer all your questions so you leave
feeling accomplished, fulfilled & excited to see the beautiful confection we designed together!

Most importantly I absolutely can not wait to meet you both!



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