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G L O R Y   M C L E N N A N 

Owner/Executive Cake Artist

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You can see that same inspiration in my work today as I have worked in the wedding industry baking, creating & delivering works of art with a passion for perfection in Northern Michigan for over 25 years.   Throughout my career I have stacked and sculpted hundreds of cakes.


Michigan winters are Florida became my new home in June of 2021.   I have brought with me my northern hospitality (The best thing I learned from living in Northern Michigan!), experience and all the unique ingredients I found traveling abroad in the past few years to bring my sweet creations to life.

My Thoughts....

 If your looking for a "simple cake" I am probably not your cup of tea.  I believe you can truly learn a lot about a person through their creativity.  I love the entire process of baking, creating and working with the all the amazing people I get to meet!  I have formed bonds & friendships with many and have been fortunate to watch their families grow.  I look forward to meeting new faces in Florida and pushing myself like never before to become an even better artist!"

Cake Artist/Owner at Pretty Sweet Cakes
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